Clinique Papillon Expansion

Clinique Papillon is a medical clinic that serves the poorest families in Lubumbashi. The clinic now has the opportunity to purchase the buildings next door and expand their services to reach even more people.
The Problem

Clinique Papillon was established in 2010 and serves hundreds of sick and vulnerable people in Lubumbashi every year. While staff and doctors do what they can to provide the best possible care to patients, they have run into some problems over the years:

  • Space: The waiting room is usually overcrowded, with pregnant mothers and the sick having to sit cramped together on benches or on the floor. This is uncomfortable for patients and unsafe when people come in for treatment for contagious diseases.
  • Operations: The clinic does not currently have any radiology equipment; roughly 20 patients each month have to be transferred elsewhere for care. These patients include road accident victims, tuberculosis patients, and HIV/AIDS patients.
The Project

Our partners in the DR Congo own the Clinique Papillon, but they also currently rent a nearby building (from a local organization called the Garenganze Mission) that has been converted into an operating block. The Garenganze Mission also owns another building on the property used as offices. They have recently offered to sell the whole property to the clinic. The project will be broken down into two phases:

  • Phase 1: Purchase and upgrade the property. Our partners will start by acquiring the plot and two buildings so that they become the property of Clinique Papillon. They will then fence the plot for improved security and make small renovations to the buildings. 
  • Phase 2: Fill the buildings. The clinic will purchase 8 new beds to have a total of 50. They will also purchase the radiology equipment, a new electric sterilizer, and a new anesthesia machine. 
How Your Gift Helps!

Purchasing the property means the Clinique Papillon will no longer have to pay rent every month, gives them the opportunity to expand their services, prevents the outbreak of diseases like tuberculosis, and helps them to provide better care to their patients.

100% Of Your Donation

will be used to improve the lives of people in the Congo, thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead.

Donate Now

The total cost to purchase the buildings is CAD$150,000. The remaining costs (purchasing all the equipment, repairing the buildings, and fencing the property) are CAD$60,000. Thank you for your support.

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