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The children at Bella Ciao are enjoying the day off from school today. They are reading, playing games, dancing, learning life skills and many other things! Thank you to all the supporters and donors who support the life changing work in Kawangware, Kenya.

An artistic student at the Bella Ciao Safe House in Kenya, painted this poster to honour Queen Elizabeth. Great job!
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👋 Say hello to Madeline and Ava, two girls in British Columbia who love to help others. A few years ago, they each got an amazing gift from their granddad: a sponsorship in their name for a girl in Bangladesh.

Since then, Madeline and Ava have been exchanging letters and cards and getting to know the girls they sponsor. This summer, they asked their mom if they could pick raspberries and sell them at a roadside stand for their “sisters in Bangladesh”.

They managed to raise $50 for the sponsored girls, who live at Naogoan school. Thanks for your hard work and support, Madeline and Ava!

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Shabib is six years old and non-verbal, which led to him being rejected by many schools. But since attending the school in Jessore, he has been embraced by International Needs Bangladesh and given the chance to attend school regularly alongside other children. We’re happy to report that he has immensely enjoyed the daily interactions with his teachers and other students, who have also learned a lot from having him in the school.

Today our Canadian public school students go back to school. While our partner countries have been in school for a few months, we wish our students in Canada a great first week back! This is video footage taken from the Jessore school in Bangladesh where many students are sponsored by International Needs.

#BackToSchool #FirstDayOfSchool #Sponsorship

Maya comes from a large family in a small village. After graduating from grade 12, she decided that she wanted to start her own business in tailoring.

She was unable to afford the necessary training until a staff member from Lydia Vocational Training Centre invited her to join their women's empowerment program.

Maya says, “I find it easy to understand sewing, and running the machine came naturally to me."

Thank you to our donors who help the Lydia team empower women who would otherwise be oppressed in a male-dominated culture.

Thanks to you generous support we have raised $7,820.00 for the new well in Kokoro, Burkina Faso.


International Needs Burkina Faso is drilling two more wells and five latrines in the village of Kokoro, in a region that struggles with severe drought nine months a year. This photo is of the undrinkable dirty stream running through town.

With the new wells and facilities, women and girls will no longer have to spend hours a day fetching water. The project will reduce sickness, improve overall health, and bring dignity to the village.

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In our latest "Bangladesh Group Empowerment Report" we highlighted a story about how the Naogoan school has changed Chadni's life. Thank you for supporting this young girl through the Group Empowerment program.

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🪡 Hira is 19 years and has the ambition to start her own business. When she joined the Lydia Vocational training program, she had no tailoring skills, but within just one month was able to stitch eight clothing items using the sewing machine. She loves sending photos and videos to her family and friends.

🧵 She would like to enroll in an advanced design course so that she can excel in her skills and run a good business.

🥳 Her positivity and learning attitude inspires us and we pray that she will achieve her goals!

When Luc was two years old, he suddenly became deaf. The family was devastated until Luc’s parents heard of Ephphata School for the Deaf in Lubumbashi. They enrolled him, hopeful that the school would equip their son to have a fulfilled life. Luc was a bright student who enjoyed learning. He graduated Ephphata with two diplomas; one in tailoring, and one in carpentry. A gifted artist, he was also able to sell some of his artwork as greeting cards. In October 2021, Luc married Shekina.

“I am so thankful to God for the guidance and help I received at Ephphata School. I feel more confident and am able to support my family.”
– Luc Tshinyoka

"Asante sana kwa kunipa viatu!"

These are Swahili words from Timothy, a sponsored boy living in Kibera slum, Kenya. Many children catch infection and diseases while walking barefoot through Kibera, which is covered with garbage and open sewage. His words translate to: "Thank you so much for giving me the shoes." Timothy is now in grade 11 and grateful "…for giving me an opportunity to study – I see my dream of being an engineer come through.”

Today we recognize the UN's International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. Since 1974, International Needs has relied on the wisdom of indigenous leaders in more than 30 countries. Our founders understood that local leaders are the ones who know the needs and strengths of their communities, and are the ones who bring about real change. Thank you for inviting us to be part of your loving service.


Time to make like our friend here and take a dip! We hope you have a great holiday today. Happy long weekend everyone.

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The village of Kokoro, Burkina Faso needs clean water. Other water sources near this village have either dried up or are contaminated from animals and human waste.

To learn more and make an impact, please visit our website.

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