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👏👏Thanks to supporters like you, the group sponsorship program in Bangladesh contributed to the empowerment of more than 150 students.
To read the full report of everything they accomplished, please visit the “news” section of our website 🖥️
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A New Life and hope for Jayden – Kenya

Jayden is a happy, fun-loving 10-year-old boy in Kawangware slum, Kenya. But his story didn’t have a good start. After being diagnosed with jaundice at six days old, his parents brought him to the doctor, who explained that Jayden had some damage in his brain. Later, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a neurological disease that hampers child development and motor skills. Jayden's single mother struggled every day to earn an income and provide for Jayden’s needs.

Then, when he was nine, a community health worker referred Jayden to the Joyful Hearts Centre, a program that helps develop children with CP. For his first few weeks, the Centre focused on nutrition to increase his weight. Everyone was very excited when he was able to increase the control of his head and neck, and then strengthen his jaw so he could eat better foods.

Beyond the physical care, Jayden and the other children are surrounded by caring people who love them. They have a lot of fun with story time and birthday songs.


🧁 The women at the Lydia Vocational Training Institute in Nepal have been working on their baking skills using common ingredients in the Nepali kitchen. In addition to providing treats for their loved ones, some of the women hope their culinary skills will one day be an opportunity to earn an income. 🎂

Marvin is one of the children who has benefited greatly from your generosity. His parents – who have six children – were struggling to pay for school fees and class materials, until Marvin was taken into an International Needs school in Ghana. His teachers have noticed that his grades and social skills have improved since joining the Group Empowerment Program, thanks to his active involvement in extracurricular activities with his group, “The Brainy Bunch”. Today, Marvin is in grade 5 and wants to be a scientist when he grows up. 🔬

This little girl was admitted to the Joyful Hearts Centre in July 2021 with mild cerebral palsy. She has been receiving occupational therapy, which has helped significantly so that she can now walk on her own. In addition, nutritional support has improved her health and she has been trained to use the toilet. She really enjoys colouring. She is now almost ready to join public school. ❤️

Building gender equality in Ghana

For children in Ghana, inequality between boys and girls is, unfortunately, the norm. Girls are typically responsible for all the household chores on top of school and homework, while boys are able to focus their attention on their studies. During this last school period, participants, parents and mentors were engaged to discuss the negative impacts of gender discrimination.

Fafali, a participant, shared her excitement about her parents’ willingness to engage in these discussions. “I am happy my parents have heard and seen the challenges we go through doing house chores,” she says. “I hope and pray I begin to see an evenly shared workload among the girls and the boys, so that girls can equally have the opportunity to study and become somebody great in future.”

From the Lydia Vocational Training Institute in Nepal:

"One of the most important aspects of women's empowerment is digital literacy. It is so much a need because of advancement of technology and digitalization of everything. We want our Lydia ladies to start small businesses or income generating initiatives or become leaders in the local church/community. Whatever they choose to do, being computer literate will add value to their lives. It will build up their confidence and may open doors for bigger opportunities.

We have started a Digi-class for the first time at Lydia, for seven girls who have passed grade ten. We have managed this by repairing old computers and with IN staff contributing their time to teach the computer classes once a week.

All the girls who are learning this skills are very excited, since it is their first ever experience using a computer. They take advantage of every opportunity to practice and learn more."

At International Needs Canada, our mission is to empower vulnerable people all over the world! Have a look at our four-step approach to leading children out of poverty.

Merry Christmas from the students in Kenya 🎄

"This has been another amazing year for International Needs, and we couldn’t have done it without you!"


Mary and Eunice, aged 15 and 16, are members of one of the International Needs Ghana Safe Spaces in central Ghana. The two friends said they have become more assertive and confident since they joined the Safe Space.

The relationship they have built with new friends at the meetings and guidance from their facilitators has given them new strength to run towards their dreams. They now understand that with hard work and determination, they could become whatever they set their minds to achieve. “I want to be a fashion designer, or midwife or both. Now I know I can be all I want to be.”

Mary said with the environment she lived in, she would have probably had been pregnant if she had not joined the Safe Space. “I want to be a lawyer, or a journalist and I know I can. I am confident, and I am working hard in school.”

The children in Zambia bring messages of LOVE for the fourth week of Advent. “His love is made perfect in us” #Advent #Christmas #Love

The Kamlapur Drop-In Centre is open!

The Executive Director of International Needs Bangladesh says: "We received a clear vision to do something for the children working on the streets in and around the Kamlapur Railway Station. From there we had the idea to rent a house, decorate it nicely, and open the Kamlapur Drop-In Centre.

We had a great first month working with our staff to create the best experience for these children."

Here’s a typical day at the centre:
🖐When the children arrive, they wash their hands and feet
🍚The day starts with a healthy breakfast to fill their bellies
🏏After eating, they play games and attend informal school
🚿Everyone takes a bath or shower, and then lunch is served
📚They attend another class to wrap up the day

This photo is the director, Mac, and some of the children who come to the centre.

Looking for a unique Christmas gift this year? Take a look at our Baskets of Love, which impact the lives of vulnerable people all around the world.
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This week our Advent devotional comes from the children at the safe house in Kenya, who share a message of joy: “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people!”

The latest LINK will be arriving in mailboxes this week. It is filled with updates from around the world.

Our cover story is from the Joyful Hearts Centre in Kenya. This amazing ministry provides for children with cerebral palsy in Kawangware Slum.

🎉 To read how you can give JOY to the children in Kenya visit our website 🎉

For the second week of advent we hear from Ghana, reading Zechariah 9:9-10. A message of PEACE. #advent

Today is Giving Tuesday and what better way to give back than giving a Global Blessing Basket?

This basket includes gifts that bless our partners around the world.

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