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Child Sponsorship

Individual child sponsorship embraces vulnerable children within high-risks communities to support them through school. How this differs from group sponsorship is that it allows the sponsor to connect with one child and develop a personal relationship with them through letter writing.

How Does It Work?

Your gift of just $41 a month will help your sponsored child access education and learning materials, health care, balanced meals, clean water, mentorship, life and vocational skills training, and more.

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The Outcomes of our Sponsorship Programs

Educated Minds

Quality education opens up more choices in life.

Healthy Bodies

Children learn better when they’re healthy and well-fed.

Strong Character

Christian foundations and mentoring instill values and hope.

Vocational & Life Skills

Training and mentoring helps them find jobs and earn income.

Countries with Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship FAQs

Visiting Your Sponsored Child

Visiting the Children

Meeting your sponsored child is an incredible experience that will change your life and perspective forever. Please let us know at least 3 months ahead so we can process your documents and coordinate with our partners who will guide you on your trip.


Documentation Required for Visits

Completed Sponsor Visit Application Form.
Signed Child Protection Policy.
Photocopy of your passport.
Valid police check (for anyone over 18).


Tax Receipts

Mailed in February of the following year

Your Donation

Most of our sponsors make monthly donations, but you can arrange quarterly or annual donations. Let our Sponsorship Manager know what you prefer.

Donation Options

Visa/Visa Debit,MasterCard/Debit MasterCard, pre-authorized bank withdrawals.

Something Changed?

To change the way you make your donation, or to provide new card information, give us a call and speak to our Sponsorship Manager. 1.888.702.9805.

Communicating with Your Sponsored Child

Writing to your Sponsored Child

We encourage you to write regularly to your sponsored child. It’s possible that neither the child nor their parents have ever received a letter in the mail!

Cultural Considerations

The culture in Canada is very different from the country of your sponsored child, so when writing, keep it simple! Be sensitive about their customs and share some of yours.

Letter Writing Guidelines

Write about things they can relate to, such as your family, country, hobbies, interests, and favourite Bible verse. Let them know you’re praying for them. Avoid talking about material possessions, money, or vacations.

Information to include

Include the child’s full name and Child ID found on the profile page in your welcome package.

About the Envelope

Envelope size should be no larger than 6” x 9” and contain flat paper only.

What Else to Include in the Envelope

Many children have expressed great joy at receiving letters and small treasures, such as bookmarks, greeting cards, stickers, and photos.

For your Safety and Privacy

Do not include your mailing address, e-mail address, or social media contact info.

Where to Send your Letter

Mail your letter to the International Needs office or e-mail letters to

Our Mailing Address

Sponsorship Manager
International Needs Canada
230 – 1119 Fennell Ave E.,
Hamilton ON L8T 1S2

Letters from your Sponsored Child

Children write their letters at scheduled times. Some schools build letter writing into the school curriculum to teach reading and writing skills. Children who are unable to write their own letters may draw pictures or have a teacher or friend write on their behalf.

Expect Delays

Letters from your sponsored child may be delayed by slow postal service, difficult roads during rainy season, school year timing differences, and translation. We hope you’ll be patient.

Social Media

You may NOT communicate with your sponsored child via social media. If you receive a friend request, DO NOT respond, but contact us at or 1.888.702.9805.

We Review All Communication

We review all communication to ensure it’s culturally sensitive and appropriate. We do this to protect the safety of the children we serve, and to comply with our Child Protection Policy.

Our Child Protection Policy
When a Child Graduates or Moves Away

A child may leave the program if their family moves from the area, if their home situation improves, or if the family chooses to no longer participate in the program. In this case, we’ll notify you and match you up with a new child.

Special Gifts for your Sponsored Child

Sending Special Gifts (Money Only)

You may send a monetary gift through our office for special occasions such as your sponsored child’s birthday, Christmas, or Easter. We cannot send packages or physical gifts due to high postage and customs fees, and the risk that your gift will be lost or stolen en route.

What If You Send Us A Packaged Gift?

We donate most packaged gifts to a local charity on your behalf. We thank you for your generosity towards your sponsored child, but we don’t have extra funds to pay for return postage.

How Are Special Gifts Spent?

The trusted teachers, pastors, and leaders in your child’s community receive the funds, consult with the parents, and purchase a gift that will help your sponsored child the most.

To Send A Special Monetary Gift

Contact our office or fill in the gift form. We’ll transfer it securely to our partner.

About Us

International Needs Canada is a charitable Christian organization with a global network of 34 partner countries. Our approach to development relies on the empowerment of indigenous leaders to bring about change in their local communities. We focus primarily on the empowerment of vulnerable children through education, health and wellness, character development, and skills training.

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