Every day, children in developing countries face extreme poverty, sex trafficking, child marriage, forced labour, and many other indignities. If you’re passionate about fighting injustice, and genuinely want to make the world a better place, our volunteer programs might be perfect for you. 
Volunteer Opportunities
1. Youth Ambassadors

As a youth ambassador, you’ll advocate for a social justice issue that’s important to you. This can be through social media, a fundraising initiative, and more! We’ll support you by:

  • Helping you build a program tailored to your gifts and passions
  • Mentoring you in building and delivering presentations
  • Teaching you how to influence others with integrity
  • Exposing you to the principles of good global development
  • Giving you a certificate for volunteer hours

You’ll even have the opportunity to go on a tour to see the program that you support to meet the people you’re impacting (fundraising and minimum age of 18 required).

Spotlight: Julia Shannon

Julia is a youth ambassador for the Ghana Group Empowerment Program.

2. Regional Ambassadors

We’re always looking for regional ambassadors who are willing to promote our projects and programs their own communities. Regional ambassadors could be individuals, churches, Rotary Clubs, or other groups. We’ll support you with presentations, photos, videos and more to help you spread the word!

As an ambassador, you’ll also have the opportunity to go on a Discovery Tour to see the program that you support and meet the people you’re impacting.

Spotlight: CrossRoads Church

CrossRoads Church is an advocate for our programs in Uganda.

3. Local Volunteers

Looking for an in-person volunteering experience? We’re always happy to meet people who are willing to help out at our Hamilton head office a few times a year.

Spotlight: Sam Dyck

After completing a co-op with us, Sam occasionally volunteers around the office.

About Us

International Needs Canada is a charitable organization with a global network of 34 partner countries. Our approach to development relies on the empowerment of indigenous leaders to bring about change in their local communities. We focus primarily on the empowerment of vulnerable children through education, health and wellness, character development, and skills training.

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