Quick Facts About Zambia

Population16.5 million people
Size752,614 square km
Major LanguagesEnglish, Bemba, Lozi, Nyanja, Tonga
Major ReligionsChristianity, indigenous beliefs, Hinduism, Islam
Life Expectancy59 years men, 64 years women
Main ExportsCopper, Salt, Sulphur, Stone, Cement, Gems, and Precious Metals
Country Overview

Zambia is a landlocked country situated on a high plateau in south-central Africa, known for its wildlife parks and for the iconic Victoria Falls. Zambia has managed to avoid the war and upheaval that has marked much of Africa’s post-colonial history, earning itself a reputation for political stability and relative transparency.


Despite its relative political stability, Zambia ranks among the countries with highest level of inequality globally.  As of 2015, 58% of Zambians earned less than $1.90 per day and three quarters of the poor lived in rural areas. The death rate due to HIV/AIDS is also one of the highest in the world. 

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The school provides orphaned and vulnerable children in the Muzabula area with a quality education, …

ZAMBIA Group Program

ZACTS allows hundreds of vulnerable children access to a place in a classroom with dedicated teacher…

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Income Generating Vegetables

International Needs is seeking to create income generation and food supply through sustainable agric…

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