ZACTS Student Agricultural Program

The ZACTS School runs a farm on its premises to both supply nutritious food for students and generate funds for its operations. Now, they’re looking to broaden the program to offer students learning opportunities in agriculture and entrepreneurship.
The Problem

The ZACTS School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (ZACTS OVC) was established in 2012 and currently provides educational support to more than 1,200 students. Although the school is fortunate to receive government aid for teacher salaries, school fees, and educational resources, it does not fully cover the operational expenses. What’s more, government assistance does not extend to covering the expenses required for providing daily meals, which presents a challenge in ensuring the children are nourished every day.

The Program

Since 2018, the ZACTS OVC School has been running a farm on its property to raise funds for the school’s operations and provide nutritious food for the students. They grow vegetables like cabbages, tomatoes, onions, egg plants and maize. They also have a broiler chickens and dairy cows.

Now, ZACTS is looking to broaden this initiative by involving students in the farm. The school will offer 600 students in grades 8-12 the opportunity to learn about agriculture. This approach aims to deepen their knowledge of farming, nurture their entrepreneurial skills, and engage them in growing the food they consume daily.

How Your Gift Helps!

The cost of the project for 2024 is $41,000. Your gift will not only ensure students receive nutritious meals and new skills but also contribute to the school’s financial stability. This funding will assist in buying seeds, fertilizers, maintaining equipment, looking after livestock, and transporting goods to the market. Additionally, it will provide employment for local field workers, benefiting the economy.

100% Of Your Donation

will be used to improve the lives of children in Zambia, thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead.

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