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ZACTS school gives hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children access to dedicated teachers, books, effective learning tools, health care, and balanced nutrition.
The Problem

Just outside the city of Solwezi, in the North Western Province of Zambia, subsistence farmers lead lives of quiet desperation huddled in squalid clusters of makeshift huts—“villages” it seems that time forgot. Solwezi is no paradise, but 65,000 Zambians manage to eke a marginal standard of living from the hustle and bustle around its copper mining industry. The farmers in the villages of Kambeu, Muzabala and points in between are not so fortunate. They plant whatever will grow around their huts to feed themselves. Their children—many of whom are HIV/AIDS orphans being raised by aunts, uncles and grandparents—are especially vulnerable. They have no prospects for even basic education: there are no schools for miles around. 

The Program

Over the last four years, International Needs Canada has collaborated with local leaders to create a path to progress. Together, embracing the transformative power of education, ZACTS OVC was launched – a school for orphans and vulnerable children. On a centrally located piece of land, buildings were renovated to create classrooms, a kitchen, washrooms, and a playground for the children. Teachers were hired. The school became vital to the health of the community. Today more than 950 children, from kindergarten to Grade 8 attend the school. ZACTS also welcomes many poor but eager students who have no child sponsorship support. And therein lies a challenge. We need your support for the ZACTS Group Program. No child should ever be turned away.

How Your Gift Helps!

Children you support through the ZACTS Group Program receive the vital supplies (books, pens, pencils, shoes, uniforms, etc.) needed to attend school regularly. They also receive medical care as necessary as well as one balanced meal each day at school. This way we ensure that no student is too tired, too sick or too hungry to learn. You can keep track of their progress and other developments through quarterly reports. 

ZACTS has tremendous potential for economic success and financial sustainability. The land on which the school is built is large enough to support commercial farming enterprises that can subsidize many of the school’s operating costs and will, in time, support the addition of more child seats each year. Program leaders have been working to stir income generation and food supply through sustainable agriculture. They have begun growing cash crops, have commenced installation of water wells and water pumps, and have established poultry and rabbit projects. Through expansion, the ZACTS programs are predicted to be 80% self-sufficient by 2024.

To support the program, fill out the donation form below! If you’d like more information about the ZACTS Group Program, fill out the second form to speak with someone on our team. Thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead, 100% of your gift will be sent to the children at the ZACTS School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children!

The History of the Program
The ZACTS Group Program was previously called the ZACTS Access program. Thanks to everyone who helped make this program possible.
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