The RHYCO Drop In Centre

The RHYCO Drop-In Centre was established to bring hope and protection to vulnerable young children in the Kawangware slums.

The Problem

The Kawangware Slums are located west of Nairobi, and home to more than 130,000 inhabitants. With less than a dollar per day to live on, most families struggle to survive, and to maintain a cohesive family unit. Severe poverty often leaves these children vulnerable to domestic violence, neglect, and a lack of learning opportunities, which sees many of them turn to ‘street work’ as a way of escaping life at home and abuse.

The Program

Children at the centre are provided a safe space away from the dangers of street work, and through sponsorship, are also able to attend school, have access to meals and baths, and are also taught the importance of caring relationships based on trust, respect, and honesty. Parents are also educated with knowledge and skills to help re-socialize and reintegrate abandoned and vulnerable children back into the family unit and community.

Martha Wanjiru is a beneficiary of the school sponsorship program and is supported by ‘Ruth’ from Canada. Martha is the second born in a family of seven children, living with her mother, a single parent, and siblings in a 10X10ft shanty of iron sheets with little or limited food or clean water, poor sanitation facilities and no electricity. Martha’s mother is a casual labourer whose income barely meets the basic needs for her children. They are malnourished, shabbily dressed and often have to fend for themselves on the streets in Kawangware during the day and at night. Through the sponsorship program, Martha now attends school, the family receives food hampers and Martha’s mother has been given an opportunity to engage in an income-generating business.

How Your Gift Helps!

Your gift helps to facilitate family re-integration; play therapy and informal education; counselling services; rehabilitation and detox services for children with addictions; feeding programs; the provision of clothing; bathing facilities; and essential street work from program leaders to locate Kawangware’s most vulnerable street children. Thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead, 100% of your gift will be sent to the RHYCO Drop-In Centre!

Donate Now

The project requires $1,500 per month to provide these transformational services. 

Policy for Designated Donations

The RHYCO Team

The key to the success of projects like the Drop-in centre lies with gifted and passionate leaders, who build strong relationships with local people, understanding the culture and needs of the communities they serve. The RHYCO team consists of four dynamic individuals who each spent their own childhoods on the streets, in and out of care homes supported by various charitable organizations. RHYCO was born out of their experiences and inspiration and desire to reach out to others like themselves who could lead a better life if given the right help and encouragement.

“During my childhood, my mother could not afford to pay for our school fees whilst feeding us at the same time. I would spend many days at home and on the streets. My life on and off the streets is one that I would never wish to remember or even talk about. My wish is that a time will come when no child will have to endure the unbearable pain, torture and discrimination, in the name of ‘street child’.”


RHYCO Project Manager

“It is our hope that with counselling, skills teaching, and mentorship, street youth will be able to find or create work for themselves and lead more fulfilling lives. We want to see younger street children reintegrated into families, going to school, and leading meaningful lives. The Drop-in centre will help us immensely to reach these goals.”


Director of International Needs Kenya

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