Empower a Child

More than 1 billion children are stuck in the cycle of poverty. With your help, we can change this.

Empower a Child

More than 1 billion children are stuck in the cycle of poverty. With your help, we can change this.

International Needs at a Glance

We’re a Christian charity devoted to empowering vulnerable children.

Our 4-Step Approach to Child Empowerment


Education is at the core of our work, and it’s a poverty game-changer!

Health and Nutrition

Medical treatment and daily balanced meals help the children learn.

Character Development

We teach the children about integrity, values, child rights, and relationships.

Vocational Training

Older children learn the skills and trades they need to find a job or start a business.

We’ve been using this formula since we pioneered it in 1974, and with lots of help, we’ve changed the lives of many children.
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Stories of Transformation


Meet Gertrude (Uganda)

As an orphan, Gertrude had no hope of education. IN Uganda’s child assistance program enabled her to go to school at age 10, where she received nutritious meals, medication, life skills training, and career guidance. After 14 years of loving support and mentorship from IN, Gertrude graduated with a bachelor’s degree of Education in Economics from Kyambogo University and is now employed as a teacher at a prestigious secondary school in Uganda.


Samuel (Ghana)

Samuel's family lived from hand to mouth for many years, and the constant struggle to survive meant they couldn't afford to send him to school. Then he received assistance to attend IN's Amrahia Community School, and today he's training to be a doctor at the University of Ghana Medical school. He also gives back to the school by inspiring other young children with his story of hope.

Baby Doria

Baby Doria (Kenya)

Doria was abandoned at birth, dumped into the bottom of a latrine in Kawangware slum by her teenaged mother. When they heard Doria crying, our team broke through the stone, pulled her out, and rushed her to hospital, where she stayed for three months with an infection she got after ingesting feces. Today, she's happy and healthy!

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You Can Be Part of the Story!

The Village is a community with thousands of generous donors, volunteers, and leaders working together to empower vulnerable children. We’re like a big family, each using our gifts to do our part, and we’d love it if you joined us.

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Essential Projects

As we walk alongside the children, we often discover other pressing needs in their families, schools, and communities. We tackle critical projects such as clean water, medical clinics, parental skill training, and many other projects that directly benefit or improve the lives of the children we serve.

Are you ready to join the Village?

Your financial support will help some of the most at-risk children in the world discover that they have unique value, a clear purpose, and a path out of poverty.

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About Us

International Needs Canada is a charitable Christian organization with a global network of 34 partner countries. Our approach to development relies on the empowerment of indigenous leaders to bring about change in their local communities. We focus primarily on the empowerment of vulnerable children through education, health and wellness, character development, and skills training.

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