Sewing Machine Project

The project seeks to provide graduates of the sewing program at the Lydia Vocational Training Centre with their own sewing machines so that they’re able to earn a living.
The Problem

Many Nepali women in rural areas live in extreme poverty without any means of improving their situation. Nepali women in general are still expected to be subservient, are given inferior education in comparison to men, and work for less pay. They are often abused emotionally and physically, which further contributes to their poor self-image and low personal expectations. 

The Project

At the Lydia Vocational Training Centre, women receive tailoring training, as tailoring has proven to be an effective way of empowering rural women in Nepal. So that they are able to continue their craft after completing the program, the centre provides graduates with a sewing machine. A free sewing machine is a lifeline for these women, allowing them to start small businesses debt free when they graduate. 

“I feel so fortunate to be at Lydia. I’ve learned so much more than how to sew and this will help me for the rest of my life. My future looks a lot brighter.”


How Your Gift Helps!

Your support will help Nepali women overcome the daily discrimination they face by giving them the opportunity to improve their situation through education and skills training. The gift of a sewing machine offers a woman the opportunity to sew clothes for her family, earn a fair wage, and gain status in her community.

100% Of Your Donation

will be used to improve the lives of women in Nepal, thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead.

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