The Savar Children’s Village Expansion

Savar Children’s Village is a school for vulnerable and orphaned girls. The campus is expanding to double the number of girls they serve.
The Problem

Even before COVID, Bangladesh had the world’s highest rates of child marriage, with girls as young as 13 being “sold” through the dowry system. Although child marriage is illegal in Bangladesh, almost three out of five young women were married as children, with one in five married by the age of 15. In addition to child marriage, girls are exploited for forced labor and prostitution; collectively, these practices override the girls’ rights to education, health, protection, and development. And the pandemic made things much worse.

The Project

The Savar Children’s Village provides a safe and nurturing environment for orphans and vulnerable girls who are at risk of exploitation. Savar currently hosts 250 girls from all over Bangladesh. The facility includes a large courtyard, a multi-purpose room, school dormitories, and a medical clinic. In response to the dire situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the school is starting a bold expansion, with plans to add a new dormitory that will more than double the number of girls they serve

“I was born in a very remote village in Bangladesh. I grew up in a home with seven brothers and sisters. My family was very poor and when my father died of kidney disease, we were left destitute. My sister and I were accepted to attend school at Savar Children’s Village in Dhaka and were thrilled to be able to receive an education. At 15, I was determined that I would get the best education possible, be successful, and return to my community to make a difference. I’m so thankful to Savar Children’s Village and my sponsor for supporting me through school and university. I have a degree in Social Science and am working on my masters. I’ve returned to my community and work for the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh.”


How Your Gift Helps!

Your gift will go toward the building fund, which will begin as soon as COVID-19 restrictions allow it, starting with a new dormitory, then moving on to the school buildings.

100% Of Your Donation

will be used to improve the lives of children in Bangladesh, thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead.

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