Local Champions

Mark Beaman

“My Umoja Journey to Bangladesh was such a great experience and has given me a renewed vision for how Perma-Dry can continue to invest in the communities there by serving our customers in our own community! It’s a win-win situation because our customers get rescued from their wet basements and in turn we rescue the oppressed in places like Bangladesh.” Mark supports the Savar Children’s Village in Bangladesh.

Nancy Bolton

Nancy Hertel-Bolton, founder of Women Making a Difference (WMAD), began meeting with other women who shared a desire to know God’s calling on their lives. “In God’s miraculous ways, I learned of the work of International Needs, and over time we developed a strong partnership. Inspired by the story of the woman at the well in John 4, we decided to invest in water projects, one remote village at a time.”

Dave Carroll

“Having been on an Umoja Journey with David Marshall to see the work being done in Guatemala, I am proud to support International Needs. I’m committed in my work as a musician and speaker to share the power of compassion as a fundamental core value of every business and organization.” Dave supports the Midwife Training Program in Guatemala.


Two years after the death of her husband, Colleen made the bold decision to join one of our Discovery Tours. “It was an amazing trip that opened my eyes to many things, but what really broke me was the conditions that the women and children endure in impoverished communities.” Colleen has been an advocate for vulnerable women and children ever since, traveling the world to support health and education projects. Colleen is currently focused on supporting the RHYCO Safe House Project in Kenya.

Donna Michalek

Donna is a passionate advocate for children’s rights. She has written two children’s books about the plights of street children in Kenya and Bangladesh. Donna shares, “When we visited the Drop-in Centre for Street Children in Dhaka, I found it very hard to see children coming in from their work. I thought of our children who go to school and have lots of opportunities to play, but these children have so little.” All of the proceeds of her books go towards supporting street children, giving them the right to learn and play in safe spaces. Donna has sponsored children and supported many projects around the world.

Laurie Scott

“I saw firsthand how the work of International Needs impacts children and communities in a positive way. When I visited Zambia’s Muzabula area, I was hooked! There were 60 children standing around in a small group with no school to go to. They had no chance of a better life since they had no access to education. Becoming involved in empowering these Zambian children and their families has been exciting and fulfilling for me. I’ve seen the work in Zambia grow over the years, and am thrilled that so many Canadians have caught ZACTS’ vision to create a self sustaining, healthy school and community.” Laurie is currently involved with the ZACTS Projects.

Jim Smardon

Jim Smardon was born and raised in Nova Scotia. Throughout his life, Jim developed a strong passion for the environment, which was a big factor in his decision to become a REALTOR©. He’s now taken his passion for the environment and merged it with the work of International Needs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He’s donating 8% of his commissions in the next year to support the final phase of the solar panel project at Ephphata School for the Deaf.

Marshall Smith

After joining us on an Umoja Journey through Guatemala, Marshall shares, “What I experienced blew me away. What I appreciated most was the resilience of the people I encountered. I spoke to program leaders, doctors, and midwives, and it became clear to me that every one of them was working tirelessly to end the cycle of infant and maternal mortality. I learned that it’s not laziness or a lack of vision that leaves people in unfortunate situations. It’s a lack of education, funding, and infrastructure; ultimately, a lack of opportunity. They have the vision to build a better future for all Guatemalans – all they need is a chance to realize it.”

HoRst Thiele

“When I met a little girl at the Savar Children’s Village, I was touched to know that she was one more child rescued from the many perils that children face in that part of the world. I’m thankful for the work of International Needs – changing the world one child at a time.”

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