Music Classes

The Lydia Vocational Training Centre would like to introduce music classes so that they are able to foster the musical abilities of their students.
The Problem

Since the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, the mood has been tense and many are fearful. Music can help reduce fear and anxiety in the hearts of people and give them a sense of normalcy in the midst of trying circumstances. 

The Program

Recognizing the positive impact of music on people’s lives, the Lydia Vocational Training Centre has added a music program to its curriculum. Many of the students are talented singers and have shown an interest in learning to play musical instruments. 

“Music inspires me and I loved learning to play the guitar, the madal, and the tambourine. I had the privilege of playing music in my congregation to glorify His Name and I look forward to teaching other women how to play these same instruments.”

Rayal Lekandri

How Your Gift Helps!

Your gift will help cover the costs of an instructor and musical instruments such as the madal, the sarangi, the harmonium, the tambourine, the keyboard, and the guitar. It is our hope that we will enable students to provide music for church choirs, music groups, women’s fellowship groups, and conferences. At present, there are very few women who play musical instruments in the churches because they lack the training. Thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead, 100% of your gift will be sent to the Lydia Vocational Training Centre for Music Classes!

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