Kibera Slum Recovery

This program helps alleviate poverty for children and their families in the Kibera Slum through a number of social initiatives.
The Problem

The Kibera Slum is considered the worst slum in all of Africa. People who live in Kibera struggle daily against hunger, unemployment and disease. More than 100,000 children who live in the Kibera Slum have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. These children have no access to the most basic human rights—food, clean water, health care and education. 

The Program

Through the Kibera Slum Recovery Program International Needs Canada is working to provide social services such as education, home care and feeding programs, life skills, coping skills and leadership training to help families envision a life beyond the devastating effects of poverty, substance abuse and disease. 

How Your Gift Helps!

Your gift helps to provide children and their families with basic necessities, psycho-social counselling services, and educational materials. Thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead, 100% of your gift will be sent to Kibera for the Slum Recovery Program!

Donate Now

$41 per month provides a Kenyan child with the basic necessities he or she needs—food, education, health care and psycho-social support. $3000 provides psycho-social counselling to vulnerable families for one year. $7,000 equips a school in Kibera with supplies and educational materials required to teach students effectively beyond sitting them on the floor learning by rote. 

Policy for Designated Donations

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