Jessore Group Program

The Jessore Group Program ensures that every student has a place in a classroom with dedicated teachers, books, and effective learning tools.
The Problem

Poverty is widespread throughout the Jessore region. Many children live in slum settlements and are forced to work, often in hazardous, low-wage jobs, to help support themselves and their families. When children are forced into these situations, they become vulnerable to human trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. With little support for these children and their families, poverty and injustice are often reinforced for generations to come.

The Program

The Jessore Free School is operated by teachers, caregivers, and a supervisor, and has been providing daycare services for preschoolers and classes for children kindergarten through grade 4. Students receive meals, free education materials, and medical attentional if necessary. Children are also taught a variety of social skills – how to treat their parents with respect, how to help people in need, and how to make wise decisions between right and wrong choices.

How Your Gift Helps!

Your support gives children from the slums of Jessore an education and the opportunity to escape the many dangers of street life. Your help provides the school with essentials like meals, uniforms, desks, chairs, chalkboards, textbooks, as well as a dedicated staff and teaching aids.

To support the program, fill out the donation form below! If you’d like more information about the Jessore Group Program, fill out the second form to speak with someone on our team. Thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead, 100% of your gift will be sent to the children at the Jessore Free School!

The History of the Program
The Jessore Group Program was previously called the Jessore Access program. Thanks to everyone who helped make this program possible.

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 Mithun attends the Jessore Free School Nursery. His father pulls a rickshaw in Jessore District. They live beside the railway line in a small house made of plastic and tin called a baste. Mithun’s father is very happy that his child has a chance at education and a better life through Jessore Free School. 

Dipankar is in Grade One. His father is a day-labourer. The family depends on the father’s uncertain daily income for food. They fast when he has no earnings. Dipankar’s father is happy that his son has a brighter future because of Jessore Free School. 

Mamoon, an orphan, is in Grade One. Mamoon’s grandfather is a day labourer who lives in a “baste” made of discarded materials. He is happy that through education at Jessore Free School his grandson now has an opportunity to escape the misfortune that robbed him of his parents. 

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