Introducing Group Sponsorship

You can now sponsor an individual child or a group of children

For more than 45 years, you’ve helped us empower one child at a time through sponsorship. As we watched COVID-19 put more children at risk, we realized we needed to do more. Under the group model, ALL the children in a partner community get equal access to education, healthcare, spiritual development, and life skills training. No children are left behind.
Will you be a monthly group sponsor?
Because of the tremendous needs, we’ve taken a leap of faith and committed to support an extra 275 kids, and we’re calling on you for support. When you become a group sponsor, we’ll send you reports, updates, photos, and stories of transformation so you can see how you’re helping to change hundreds of young lives.
Every gift makes a difference
It costs about $100 a month per child to run Naogoan Free School in Bangladesh; however, there’s no minimum. Some of our monthly partners give $30, $60, or 90 a month ($1, $2, or $3 a day), while some give more and others less. We’re grateful for whatever amount you’re willing to donate, including one-time gifts.