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By purchasing a Basket of Love, you can transform the life of someone in need. Each basket is specially designed to meet the most immediate needs of the people receiving it. From education to medical supplies and food, these baskets bring practical help and hope to children and families living in extreme poverty.

Basket of Bunnies – $25

Provide a source of food and income in Zambia

Your gift is a basket of 5 rabbits. Rabbits are becoming a popular source of food in developing countries such as Zambia because they’re rich in protein and reproduce rapidly. For the long term, families can sell their excess livestock to generate a source of sustainable income. 

Basket of Food – $35

Feed a family in Bangladesh for a month

Your gift provides a family with nutritious food for an entire month. Each basket of food includes local choices such as rice, beans, cooking oil, canned fish, drinks, and biscuits. The family will be nourished and rejuvenated during a time when food shortages are common. 

Basket of Protection – $50

Rescue street children in Kenya

During the lockdown, Kawangare slum in Nairobi, Kenya experienced a spike in the sexual abuse of children, many who escaped to the streets only to face new threats from violence, exploitation, and starvation. Your basket of protection will help build a safe house to rescue extremely at-risk children. 

Buckets of Clean Water – $50

Provide clean, safe drinking water in Nanankor, Ghana

When you give buckets of clean water you are ensuring that women no longer have to walk long distances to fetch water every day. Children and families in Nanankor, Ghana will have a reliable source of water that’s treated to eliminate dangerous waterborne diseases.

Basket of Education – $50

Empower women in Bangladesh

A basket of education provides practical skills training for rural women, school dropouts, and vulnerable widows in Bangladesh. The vocational training centres teach income-generating trades, empowering women to become self-supporting.

Basket of Baby Care – $70

Train midwives in Guatemala to save lives

In the rural western highlands of Guatemala, midwives attend 90% of childbirths, yet few have been trained to recognize high-risk factors. Sadly, this lack of training results in many preventable deaths of babies and mothers. Your basket of baby care will train one midwife and save countless lives.

Basket of Medical Supplies – $75

Equip an amazing medical clinic in the DR Congo

Your gift enables Clinique Papillon to provide free medical care to vulnerable children and women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The basket of medical supplies includes antibiotics, vitamins, vaccinations, medications, and equipment to treat pregnant women and newborn children.

Global Blessing Basket – $355

Give all seven Baskets of Love

Give one gift with all seven baskets: rabbits, food, protection, clean water, education, baby care, and medical supplies. With this complete basket, you’ll make a difference all over the world!

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