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By purchasing a Basket of Love, you can transform the life of someone in need. Each basket is specially designed to meet the most immediate needs of the people receiving it. From education to medical supplies and food, these baskets bring practical help and hope to children and families living in extreme poverty.

Basket of Chickens – $25

Provide a source of food and income in Zambia

Your gift includes five chickens. In addition to being a popular source of protein in Zambia, chickens provide income for the ZACTS school for orphans and vulnerable children.

Basket of Food – $35

Feed a family in Bangladesh for a month

Your gift provides a family with nutritious food for an entire month. The pandemic caused sharp drops in income. With your help, families pushed into poverty by COVID-19 will stay nourished and healthy.

Basket of Protection – $50

Rescue abused children in Kenya

Physical and sexual abuse of children in the Kawangware slum spiked during COVID-19. Your basket of protection removes children from their abusers and provides a loving safe haven with a bed, food, and education.

Buckets of Clean Water – $50

Provide clean, safe drinking water in Burkina Faso

Clean water will reduce disease and improve health in the village of Lah. Your gift will be used to drill a well in a region that experiences severe drought and water shortages nine months of the year.

Basket of Education – $50

Empower women in Nepal

A basket of education empowers vulnerable women at the Lydia Vocational Training Centre with practical skills. Each graduate leaves the program equipped to start her own business and share her knowledge with at least five others in her community.

Basket of Child Development – $70

Help babies in Guatemala to survive and thrive

Guatemala has serious gaps in the maternal and child healthcare system. By giving this gift, you will literally be saving the lives of mothers and babies and preparing children to learn and thrive in life.

Basket of Covid-19 Relief – $100

Reduce the impact of COVID-19

Most of our partners around the world are experiencing severe fallout from the pandemic. Your gift will transform lives by providing medicine, food, water, sanitation, and more.

Global Blessing Basket – $380

Give all seven Baskets of Love

Give one gift with all seven baskets: chickens, food, protection, clean water, education, child development, and COVID-19 relief. With this complete basket, you’ll make a difference all over the world!

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International Needs Canada is a charitable Christian organization with a global network of 34 partner countries. Our approach to development relies on the empowerment of indigenous leaders to bring about change in their local communities. We focus primarily on the empowerment of vulnerable children through education, health and wellness, character development, and skills training.

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