Ephphata School Solar Panels

With a reliable and sustainable source of electricity, the Ephphata School will be able to continue empowering deaf children in Lubumbashi with a quality education and vocation. 

The Problem

Congolese children with hearing loss face great challenges because they are often perceived as unintelligent and worthless. The Ephphata School has sought to empower children and young adults by helping them to see their value and potential, and teaching them how to support themselves in life. The school, however, is subject to the limited infrastructure of the DRC, which provides only inconsistent and weak electricity, hindering the school’s capacity.

The Project

The Ephphata School has installed solar panels to generate a clean, reliable, and sustainable source of electricity. The panels from the first two phases have made a big impact, having provided electricity for more than half of the school’s classrooms and the carpentry workshop for young adults. We are now moving on to phase 3, which will include the installation of another solar panel, plus batteries, converters, covers, and regulators.

Your Gift Makes A Big Difference!

Your support will have lifelong impacts on the children and their ability to find future employment, and will have spillover effects for the entire community. Thanks to some generous donors who pay all International Needs Canada’s overhead, 100% of your gift will be sent to the Ephphata School for the Solar Panel Project!

Jim Smardon is a GREEN designated REALTOR© in Nova Scotia who’s taken his passion for the environment and merged it with the work of International Needs. He’s donating 8% of his commissions in the next year to support the final phase of the solar panel project. Thanks Jim!

Donate Now

The total cost of Phase 3 of the Solar Panel Project is $25,000.

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