Empowering Children

Expanding to include High School

Naogoan Free School in Bangladesh provides 280 children with primary level education, nutritious food, social and psychological support, recreational activities, healthcare, and legal aid. The school’s objective is to empower the children through free education for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or socio-economic standing.
We discovered that once girls reach grade eight, some families were still marrying their girls off to older men, because they couldn’t afford the fees at government high schools. After seeing this disturbing trend, International Needs set out to add free high school education and accommodations for more children and youth. The expansion of the school will allow the girls to carry on with their education until age 18, when they can no longer be forced into marriage.

The new building opens soon!

Thanks to the help of generous donors, the expansion, including a brand-new dormitory, is almost complete – and just in time! During these uncertain times, International Needs offers families an alternative to forced labour, sex trafficking, and child marriage, one that empowers boys and girls to pursue a better life.

Once COVID-19 restrictions allow it, we’re going to fill the school with as many students as possible!