Empowering Children in Ghana

A new group program for some of Ghana’s most vulnerable children.

Introducing the Group Program in Ghana

Walking alongside some of Ghana’s most vulnerable children.
The reality of COVID has affected children in Ghana. When mom and dad couldn’t earn income, many children became the family bread winners:

  • Lured into hawking goods on the street
  • Forced to work on farms and fishing boats
  • Denied the opportunity to attend school
  • Pushed to the fringes of society
  • Sent on a path that has few options for life

The new group program provides quality education, nutritious meals, spiritual formation, and life skills training… all within the safe setting of an established school.
Children in the group program are also placed into peer support groups where they can feel a sense of belonging with others who have faced similar challenges, such as abuse. Each group gets extra care and guidance from a loving mentor, as well as special development activities and child protection services, if needed.

Are you looking for a way to make a big impact on the life of extremely at-risk children?

With the group program, your gifts are pooled with all other donations so that we can accomplish more. By working together, we can take care of an entire group of children who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

Are you willing to be a monthly partner to this amazing new ministry in Ghana?

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This innovative program is a direct response to COVID, which has made impoverished children in Ghana more vulnerable than ever.