Emergency Medical Fund

The Emergency Medical Fund enables Clinique Papillon in the DR Congo to deliver lifesaving surgery, medicine, and other emergency procedures to patients who are unable to pay for it themselves.

The Problem

Clinique Papillon is located in Lubumbashi, a city in DR Congo that struggles with extreme poverty. When emergency situations arise, patients don’t have money to pay hospital fees, which means many conditions go untreated. Out of desperation, some turn to non-licensed practitioners who use unapproved medicines and unsanitary procedures that lead to infection, complications, and death.

The Project

The clinic is known for its service to pregnant women and new mothers, but they also serve the sick from all backgrounds and religions without prejudice. This Emergency Medical Fund is a mission of mercy that’s simple, yet extremely powerful. When you contribute to this fund, Clinique Papillon uses it to deliver services that would otherwise be unavailable to the poorest families in Lubumbashi.


Expensive surgeries (c-section, hernia, breast lump removal, exploratory laparotomy, cervical cancer, and fistula treatment), follow-up medical care and hospital stays, blood pressure treatment for the elderly, free medicine for pregnant women, and free immunizations for children to prevent fatal diseases such as measles.

When Clinique Papillon delivers these types of services without being paid, there’s a big ripple effect, because revenues need to be diverted from maintenance, payroll, and the purchase of drugs. The constant financial pressure is demoralizing for the doctors, nurses, and employees, who all have a heart to serve the sick.

Michael Martins U. is a home inspections specialist in Nova Scotia who’s taken his passion for the medicine and merged it with the work of International Needs. He’s donating 8% of his commissions in the next year to support the Emergency Medical Fund. Thanks Michael!

Donate Now

Thanks to some generous donors who pay all International Needs Canada’s overhead, 100% of your gift will be sent to Clinique Papillon.

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