Creative Ways to Give in 2021

Without writing a cheque!
If God has entrusted you with financial resources, we encourage you to consider two ways you can support International Needs generously and joyfully, while minimizing the impact on your bank account and your tax bill.

Make a charitable bequest (gift) to your favourite International Needs ministry program and turn your Last Will and Testament into a testimony of your love for vulnerable children. Bequests model stewardship to your heirs and show them how important this ministry is to you.

A charitable bequest can provide valuable tax savings for your estate – in the same way that charitable giving during your lifetime provides you with tax savings. You decide what works best – you can donate property, a fixed amount, or perhaps a percentage of your estate. It’s up to you.
Another option is to name a ‘Child Called Charity’ as a beneficiary in your will, and the charity would receive a share of your estate.

Example: Tom and Wilma Smith are in their 60’s and have four adult children. Through their will, they wish to remember International Needs, which they’ve supported faithfully for years. They divide their estate into five equal portions, with International Needs and the four children each inheriting 1/5th of the estate.

International Needs has partnered with Christian Stewardship Services to assist you directly with these planned giving options. They have a team of professional advisors, and their services are free to you, our faithful donors.

Please contact Corrie Mulder to find out how these options might fit into your plans.
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