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Tackle social justice, energize your employees, and create value for your customers.
when business and charity work together, great things happen

Do you feel the need to do something meaningful and significant with the success you’ve had in your life?  Have you been blessed with a thriving business, but still feel like there’s something missing?  
We understand where you’re at.  
International Needs Canada helps our partners find purpose in their lives and businesses; this is what our corporate partnerships are all about. You should never support a charity just to show off how good you are at social responsibility. Instead, look for the bigger purpose for you and your business.  
However you choose to partner with us, whether through cause marketing, program sponsorship, or philanthropic giving, we’ll work on your behalf to improve the lives of people all over the world. When business and charity work together, great things happen! 

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Focus Area
1. Cause Marketing

A cause marketing campaign allows you to connect your business to a project that supports the vulnerable women and children who are served by International Needs. We’ll work with you to find a project you’re passionate about, and create a customized campaign that invites others to be part of something bigger with you. 

The RISE Network is a great example of a cause program that started small and is now experiencing rapid growth. Our partner Marshall Smith launched a national referral network for real estate agents. Every time an agent in the network sells a home, they donate a portion of their commission to the “Survive and Thrive” program in Guatemala, which saves the lives of mothers and babies and prepares children to learn and thrive in life.

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The RISE Network
Focus Area
2. Program Sponsorship

Program sponsorship builds on the familiar idea of child sponsorship, and takes it to a much larger scale. Instead of contributing to one child, your corporate gifts are pooled to support an entire group of vulnerable children. With the influence of our corporate partners, we are able to enact substantial change in the lives of children living in extreme poverty. 

TDS Industrial Services sponsors a group of children at the Savar Children’s Village in Bangladesh. At Savar, vulnerable and orphaned girls are protected from child marriage and prostitution. 

“When I met a little girl at the Savar Children’s Village, I was touched to know that she was one more child rescued from the many perils that children face in that part of the world. I’m thankful for the work of International Needs – changing the world one child at a time.”

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Horst Thiele – TDS Industrial Services
Focus Area
3. Philanthropy

Corporate donations are crucial to the long-term sustainability of International Needs’ global projects. Your gift would be used to pursue change and transformation in communities all over the world. You can give to a specific program or project that’s meaningful to you. 

Perma-Dry Moncton has been a strong partner in ensuring the safety and security of girls at the Savar Children’s Village. Mark and his team have supported several building projects, ensuring that 250 girls have reliable access to education, health, and protection from child marriage.  

“My Umoja Journey to Bangladesh was such a great experience and has given me a renewed vision for how Perma-Dry can continue to invest in the communities there by serving our customers in our own community! It’s a win-win situation because our customers get rescued from their wet basements and in turn we rescue the oppressed in places like Bangladesh.”

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Mark Beaman – Permadry

Corporate Partners

Marshall Smith

Marshall has been supporting the Survive and Thrive Program in Guatemala since 2020. Here is how he’s gotten involved.

Horst Thiele

Horst has been supporting girls at the Savar Children’s Village in Bangladesh since 2018.

Mark Beaman

Mark has been supporting building projects at the Savar Children’s Village since 2018.

Jim Smardon

Jim has been supporting the Solar Panel Project in the Congo since 2020. Here is how he’s gotten involved.

Eve Marie Boudreau

Eve Marie has been supporting the Survive and Thrive Program in Guatemala since 2021.

Pam Rediker

Pam has been supporting the Survive and Thrive Program in Guatemala since 2021.

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