Clinique Papillon

Clinique Papillon is a women’s medical clinic that specializes in childbirth services and rape recovery support. They also deliver lifesaving surgery, medicine, and other emergency procedures to patients who are unable to pay for it themselves.
The Problem

Clinique Papillon is located in the heart of Lubumbashi, a city in DR Congo that struggles with extreme poverty. Here, women are particularly vulnerable, and face gender imbalances in the areas of economic, social, cultural, and political development. The situation is worsened by the prevalence and intensity of gender-based violence. For many Congolese women, every day is a fight for survival.

Additionally, when emergency situations arise, the city’s poorest people don’t have money to pay hospital fees, which means many conditions go untreated. Out of desperation, some turn to non-licensed practitioners who use unapproved medicines and unsanitary procedures that lead to infection, complications, and even death.

The Program

Clinique Papillon was established in 2010 and serves hundreds of vulnerable Congolese women every year. The clinic specializes in childbirth services and the care of women during pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. For women recovering from the trauma of rape, the clinic offers healing and hope.

While the clinic is known for its service to pregnant women and new mothers, they also serve the sick from all backgrounds and religions without prejudice. This emergency medical support is a mission of mercy that’s simple, yet extremely powerful. When you contribute to this fund, Clinique Papillon uses it to deliver medical services that would otherwise be unavailable to the poorest families in Lubumbashi.

Solange, a mother of two, was pregnant when she was diagnosed HIV positive. The staff at Clinique Papillon were quick to encourage her to take HIV medication during her pregnancy to help her and protect her unborn child. “I was surprised how well I felt after taking the medication. It made me hungry and I was so happy that Clinique Papillon provided extra food for me. I continued coming for prenatal care and counselling. My baby was born healthy and I have energy to look after my home and family.

How Your Gift Helps!

Your support enables the staff at Clinique Papillon to continue offering excellent healthcare to the people of Lubumbashi. Your gift will also support expensive surgeries (such as c-section ($350), hernia ($250), breast lump removal ($150), exploratory laparotomy ($500), cervical cancer and fistula treatment ($400)), medical supplies and equipment, and a well-stocked pharmacy.

100% Of Your Donation

will be used to improve the lives of people in the Congo, thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead.

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