Since 1974, you’ve been helping us empower vulnerable children through sponsorship. Together, we’ve educated thousands of children and made a significant impact. THANK YOU!


Group sponsorship gives ALL the children in our partner schools equal access to our empowerment programs.

You can now sponsor an individual child or a group of children.


Children who grow up in poverty are easy prey for gangs, prostitution, forced labour, and trafficking. With your help, some of the most at-risk children around the world are able to discover their unique value and purpose so they can confidently pursue their own paths in life.

the four pillars of empowerment

Here’s what your support accomplishes when you sponsor a child or a group of children

Educated Minds

Quality education opens up more choices in life.

Healthy Bodies

Children learn better when they’re healthy and well-fed.

CHARACTER Development

Christian foundations and mentoring instill values and hope.

Life Skills

Social and vocational skills help them find jobs and earn income.

Group Empowerment Programs

Ghana Group Program
ZAMBIA Group Program
Naogoan Group Program
Jessore Group Program

Individual Sponsorship

For people who value personal relationships

If you’d prefer to connect with one child, exchange letters a few times a year, and walk with them as they grow, then individual sponsorship may be for you. You can empower a child through this program for just $41 a month, about a $1.35 a day.

“My favourite part is watching the children grow and mature. I’ve also given sponsorship as a gift to my children and grandchildren as a way of modeling love in action.”

– Longtime Sponsor –


No donor left behind!

Group programs cost $41-$125 a month per child; however, there’s no monthly minimum donation, since your gifts are pooled with the gifts of many other donors to support the whole program. Some contribute $30, $60, or $90 a month ($1, $2, or $3 a day), while some give more and others less.

Note: Individual sponsorship is $41 a month per child.

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