Buikwe Secondary School

The school provides a quality education for hundreds of youth in the Buikwe area, and is currently looking to grow its programs by investing in a library, new computers, and much needed textbooks.
The Problem

Secondary Education in rural Uganda faces grave challenges which include poor quality education, insufficient teachers and inadequate teaching space and equipment. Classrooms, laboratories, and libraries are sorely deficient. Poor instructional materials and limited textbooks lead to the production of ill-equipped graduates who cannot compete with students from other parts of the country for higher education and training opportunities. 

The Program

International Needs’ Buikwe Secondary School provides a quality secondary education to its hundreds of students graduating annually. Because of the its tremendous success in the area, the Buikwe Secondary School wishes to acquire additional computers to offer IT classes to its students, as well as complete the construction of its library to offer students with a wide variety of books and textbooks. 

“I dropped out of school when I was 12 because my guardian could no longer afford to pay my school fees. The only other option I had was to go fishing like the other parentless boys in my village. Later on, an International Needs Community Officer encouraged me to enroll in school where I soon received sponsorship. With this assistance, I was able to continue my education. After years of hard work, I completed my studies with a Diploma in Education. I am the first to graduate in my village! I thank God for International Needs and my sponsor who made all this possible for me.”


How Your Gift Helps!

By supporting Buikwe Secondary School, you are investing in the lives of young men and women in rural Uganda and contributing to the a much needed library, as well as the purchase of computers, textbooks, and other necessary equipment. Your gift also helps us put the students in an optimum position to compete in the job market or for that much sought after place at the university or college of their choice. Thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead, 100% of your gift will be sent to the Buikwe Secondary School!

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