Avakpedome WASH Project

This project aims to build a new bathroom facility at the Avakpedome School in Ghana.
The Problem

The Avakpedome School is located in the Volta Region and supports over 400 students. The school currently uses a toilet block that is open to the community; it is in poor shape, with rusty and weak roofing sheets causing damage to the walls and making the whole structure unstable. It has also become base for drug users at night, and many students resort to open defecation after dark to avoid unsafe situations, heightening the risks of water related illnesses.

The Project

To address this issue, the Avakpedome WASH Project (water, sanitation and hygiene) aims to build a larger and safer sanitation block exclusively for the students. The project will not only improve safety and hygiene but also establish a committee to ensure the sanitation block’s maintenance and educate students on proper sanitation practices. On top of this, students with disabilities will be able to comfortably use the facilities, with the new block including ramps and guide rails.

Your Gift Will Transform the Lives of Students

Students will benefit from cleaner and safer sanitation facilities, resulting in improved health and fewer illnesses; they will gain insights into the importance of WASH practices for hygiene through educational sessions; safety will be improved with structurally sound facilities exclusively for students; and finally, the school’s inclusion efforts will be boosted by making facilities easily accessible to those with disabilities.

100% Of Your Donation

will be used to improve the quality of life for students at Avakpedome School, thanks to some generous donors who pay all our overhead.

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