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Makonge Girls' Bathroom Project

The Problem

Over the years, the Makonge Primary School’s student population has grown but unfortunately, the bathroom facilities have not. Boys and girls share the same toilet block with only a curtain separating the two sections.

The situation exposes the girls to harassment and the possibility of abuse. Uganda’s Ministry of Education recommends separate bathroom facilities for boys and girls, with at least one stall suitable for children with special needs, and a changing room for girls to use during their monthly periods. The need is urgent to upgrade the school’s bathroom facilities to the recommended Government standards.

The Project

The Makonge Girls’ Bathroom Project will construct a completely separate facility for girls that will include 11 stalls, with one designed specifically for girls with special needs, and a girls’ changing room.

Construction will take eight weeks and cover excavation, laying the foundation, walling, roofing, and finishes. The School Administration will supervise the work done by the construction company to ensure that project specifications are met.

Total Cost of Project: $11,000

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

Your generous support will help provide:
  • Improved privacy and protection for girls
  • Reduce the number of missed days for girls during their monthly periods
  • Better sanitation and hygiene at the school
  • Reduce the pressure on the existing bathroom facility
  • Improve the school’s rating with the Ministry of Education
By providing girls-only bathrooms at Makonge Primary School, female students will have a safe and private place to go – protecting them from harassment and ensuring they don’t miss out on their education. Help girls have a more positive school experience!

“My name is Phoebe. I come from a family of seven. When my father died, life became very difficult for me and my family. Our future seemed ruined, but thank God, my four sisters and I received sponsorship through International Needs. We were able to continue our education and pursue our dreams. When I complete my studies, I want to be a cosmetologist. My sponsors are my heroes! They have laid a good foundation for me. They will always be in my prayers.”


Makonge Primary School in Kiyindi, Uganda, has 965 students who are mainly orphans and vulnerable children from fishing communities around Lake Victoria. The school is a beacon of hope in the region, ensuring that vulnerable girls and boys have access to a quality education.

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