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Skills Training Fights Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked country of 31 million people in the Himalayas bordered on the north by China and to the south, east and west by India. Nepal has eight of the world's ten tallest mountains, including the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest. 

More than 81 percent of Nepalese practice Hinduism making it the country with the highest percentage of Hindus. Buddhism is historically connected to with Nepal and is practiced by 9%, Islam by 4.4%, Christianity 1.4%. Because of the historical connection of the two religions many people identify themselves as both Hindu and Buddhist. 

Responsibility for public health and health care services in Nepal are shared between the public and private sector and are far below international standards. More than one third (38.17%) of the total households do not have toilets in their houses. Tap water is the main source of drinking water for 47.78% of the total households. Tube well/hand pump is the main source of drinking water for about 35% of the total households. Only about 40% of Nepal's population has access to electricity. Urban areas have 90 per cent rate of electrification. The rate for rural areas is only 5%. The hilly and mountainous terrain in the northern two-thirds of the country has made the building of roads and other infrastructure difficult and expensive. More than one-third of Nepalese people live at least a two hours walk from the nearest all-season road. Many districts are not connected by road and most rural roads are not operable during the rainy season. One of the major challenges facing the country is the prevalence of human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women.

Within this social context International Needs is committed to supporting the Lydia Vocational Centre— an opportunity for poor young girls from deprived communities in remote villages to learn life skills and share their knowledge and skills with their neighbours.


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