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Limuru Sports Field Development Project

The Problem

Limuru is an agriculturally rich town 40 km from Nairobi, widely known throughout Kenya for its production of high quality teas. Sadly, a large percentage of Limuru’s youth abuse drugs and alcohol. Recreational facilities in this area are virtually non-existent and young people turn to substance abuse out of boredom. Drug and alcohol users commonly say that they drink or use drugs because it helps pass the time.

The Program

International Needs Kenya has access to beautiful grounds adjacent to a ministry centre, that they would like to develop into a sports field for children and youth. Most of the youth who will be involved in this project have been impacted by alcohol and substance abuse – either through themselves or their parents. A sports field will give at-risk children and youth the opportunity to play and connect with each other and interact with positive role models like coaches and team leaders.

The total cost of the project is $30,300.

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Developing the Limuru Sports field will include leveling and compacting the soil, laying topsoil, planting grass, and erecting metallic posts and nets for the handball and basketball courts.
  • Sports play a positive role in youth development, including improved academic achievement, higher self-esteem, improved social skills, and fewer behavioral problems.
  • Youth who engage in sports are more resilient against the risk of suicide as they are better able to mentally and emotionally recover from problems.

“When children participate in sports, they learn to socialize; they learn how to deal with success and failure; they learn about teamwork and leadership, discipline, and respect for teammates and others.” Jocelyn, Director of International Needs Kenya


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