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Clinique Papillon Program

The Problem

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a vast country with immense economic possibilities from diamonds, mineral resources, and agriculture. Corruption, poor administrative structures, and frequent war and strife has reduced the nation to one of the world’s poorest. Conflict between government forces and rebel forces has left the country in the grip of a humanitarian crisis.

It is estimated that over 5 million people have died from war-related causes. In Eastern Congo, the prevalence and intensity of rape and other sexual violence is described as the worst in the world. For many Congolese women, every day seems to bring a fight for survival.

The Program

International Needs is seeking to help Congolese women, through the ongoing support of Clinique Papillon, a women’s medical clinic in Lubumbashi. Funded and built through the generosity of Canadian donors, the clinic specializes in childbirth services and the care of women during pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. For women recovering from the trauma of rape, the clinic offers healing and hope.

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Your gift enables the staff at Clinique Papillon to continue offering excellent healthcare to the women and children of Lubumbashi.
  • The clinic offers free HIV testing and counselling.
  • Because of the stigma and fear attached to HIV/AIDS, the clinic hopes to add a private consulting room for their HIV patients.
  • The ongoing need for medical and surgical supplies, delivery equipment, and a well-stocked pharmacy is costly and a constant struggle. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Solange, a mother of two, was pregnant when she was diagnosed HIV positive. The staff at Clinique Papillon were quick to encourage her to take HIV medication during her pregnancy to help her and protect her unborn child. “I was surprised how well I felt after taking the medication. It made me hungry and I was so happy that Clinique Papillon provided extra food for me. I continued coming for prenatal care and counselling. My baby was born healthy and I have energy to look after my home and family.” Solange


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