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Jessore Computer Skills Training Program

The Problem

Since 1990, International Needs Bangladesh has provided vocational training for Jessore’s rural women enabling them to find work. Due to a shift in technology, the demand for employees with relevant computing skills is large. Bangladesh’s dramatic rise in international call centers has highlighted the immense shortage of skilled personnel. The call center industry in Bangladesh was worth around $12 billion in 2013.

International Needs has successfully operated a computer skills training program for several years. However, their equipment has become outdated and the need to train students using modern technology grows each day.

The Program

Introduction to Computer Applications is designed to familiarize students with computers and their applications. It emphasizes the use of computers and technology throughout their high school, college, and future careers. Students learn fundamental concepts of computer hardware and software and become familiar with a variety of computer applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and multimedia presentations.

Students investigate Internet-based applications, working with email and learning how to browse the web. Coursework also includes activities that explore social and ethical issues related to information technology.

The total cost over the next four years is $134,560 CAD.

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • New hardware and software will replace antiquated equipment and programs.
  • Students will be given necessary skills to acquire jobs in the growing technology centres.
  • Over the next 4 years, 640 people will be trained and empowered to find employment, alleviating poverty in the region.
  • The average cost to train a student with relevant skills is $210.

Cost Breakdown

Initial Equipment Upgrade = $20,000
Yearly Maintenance & Training Fees = $28,640
Average Cost per Student = $210
Total Program Cost = $134,560

From Mogdolima Biswas
“I have a son, and after the death of my husband I started living with my father. I always thought I would not be able to have a better life or future. There was extreme poverty. I wanted to support my family, and also help my child go to school. From a relative I heard about the Jessore Training School. There, I learned the basic knowledge to become a computer operator. I learned MS Word, Power Point, MS Excel, MS Access, Visual Basic, Internet and Graphics program.

After completion of the program I received the certificate through a graduation ceremony. I was so happy on that day. Later I applied for a job in Credit Union at Jessore. I am working as computer operator since then. Now my son is going to school and I am supporting my family. It’s a joy … because I am now empowered and standing on my own feet.”


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