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Savar Children's Village Repair and Renovation Project

The Problem

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with over 150 million people living in an area twice the size of New Brunswick. It is also one of the world’s poorest nations, with periodic natural disasters. In areas of extreme poverty, girls are at risk of being abandoned or married off at a young age. Bangladesh has the world’s highest rate of child marriages for girls under 15. This practice challenges the girls’ rights to an education, health, protection, and development.

The Project

International Needs’ Savar Children’s Village is a school for vulnerable and orphaned girls located 45 minutes outside Dhaka, the country’s capital city. The facility includes a large courtyard, a multi purpose room used for chapel and gym, school dormitories, and a medical clinic. Savar hosts 250 orphans and vulnerable girls from various regions in Bangladesh. Due to damp weather and the long term use of the campus buildings, cracks and openings have begun forming in the structures and water slips through when it rains, creating an unhealthy environment for the children and those who care for them. Upgrades are urgently needed throughout the campus.

Total cost of the project over approximately 8 months: $84,800 CAD.

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Reconstruction and re-plastering of the buildings, as well as plumbing and electrical work will be carried out throughout the campus.
  • Once the upgrades have been completed, the area will be painted.
  • The upgrades will positively impact the health and wellbeing of the children and staff.

“I was born in a very remote village in Bangladesh. I grew up in a Buddhist home with seven brothers and sisters. My family was very poor and when my father died of kidney disease, we were left destitute. My sister and I were accepted to attend school at Savar Children’s Village in Dhaka and were thrilled to be able to receive an education. At 15, I accepted Christ as my Saviour and determined that I would get the best education possible, be successful, and return to my community to make a difference. I’m so thankful to Savar Children’s Village and my sponsor for supporting me through school and university. I have a degree in Social Science and am working on my masters. I’ve returned to my community and work for the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh.” Sharley

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