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Building Integrity and Vocational Skills for a Sustainable Future

With more than 169 million people, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the world’s eighth largest country and one of the most densely populated. It is bordered by India to the west, north and east and separated from Nepal by the Chicken’s Neck Corridor. Geographically, Bangladesh is dominated by the fertile Bengal Delta, the world's largest delta which gives the country its tagline "The land of rivers".

Bangladesh has an economy larger than such countries as Switzerland, Sweden and Qatar and has achieved significant human and social progress since independence. However, the country faces significant challenges such as corruption and poverty. The tragic collapse, in 2013, of the Rana Plaza cost more than 1000 garment factory workers their lives. This is now widely cited as a symptom of endemic structural and political challenges in the country. Bangladesh is now widely recognized to be one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change. Natural hazards that come from increased rainfall, rising sea levels, and tropical cyclones are expected to increase as climate changes, each seriously affecting agriculture, water and food security, human health and shelter.

Within this context International Needs Canada is committed to several sustainable development projects in Bangladesh including the Bethany Children’s Village, a Drop-in Centre for Children in the Garment Industry, Jessore Computer Skills Training Program and the Jessore Vocational Training Centre Program. With your support we can lay the foundations for a more sustainable future for the youth in Bangladesh.


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