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Becoming a Sponsor

Your sponsorship is so important!

Many children in the developing world are forced to go without consistent access to food or safe drinking water. Parents are too poor to provide life essentials for their children and as a result children suffering from chronic illness and malnutrition are left to die as communities are denied access to proper health care. For families living in communities of desperate need this is reality.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

You can help children, their families and their communities around our world imagine new life – a life full of opportunity, purpose and hope. You can do all this for a little more than a dollar a day through child sponsorship. You can offer hope to a boy or girl devastated by injustice, poverty and disease as well as share in their journey to a brighter future. Your commitment of $41 a month ensures that a child in need is able to live life with purpose and opportunity.

As a child sponsor you have a unique opportunity to impact the life of a child in very significant ways. By walking alongside of a child and their family and by praying for them, you are a source of encouragement and hope. Your monthly gifts help ensure that your sponsored child receives the care and resources needed in order to receive an education and live a healthy life. These are very important steps toward a life of promise, purpose and opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty.

You can begin this life transforming relationship today by completing our online application form. As a sponsor you will receive a child sponsorship information package in the mail about two weeks after submitting your form. The package will provide you with all the information you need to know about your sponsored child, their community and the work of International Needs. We also include a template for a letter, which you can use to write to your sponsored child. Additional pages can be found on under Sponsorship Resources.

Invest in change today by becoming an International Needs child sponsor.


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3 Good Reasons to Sponsor

Sponsor Now
1Invest in the future
2Commit to a Cause
3Build a Relationship