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Tackle social justice, energize your employees, create value for your customers, and your business will grow.

when business and charity work together, great things happen

If you want your business to grow in this age of gender inequality, COVID-19, and racism, you need to understand how these issues have shifted your customers’ expectations, and adapt quickly.

This is not about making shallow statements or jumping on the bandwagon – it’s about building integrity into your business so that everything you do and say aligns with your values and purpose.

For more than 40 years we’ve been fighting for justice and equality. We collaborate with small- and medium-sized companies so we can combine your business acumen and our expertise in social issues.

We have a team of experts who have come from business and global development. We understand where you’re at today, and together, we can create massive value – for your customers, your employees, your company, and the vulnerable children in our care.

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How we collaborate with business leaders

Building Futures

We support construction programs that provide communities with essential services. The focus is on safe schools, hospitals, drop-in centres, and orphanages. The programs work with engineers, contractors, and other professionals involved in the design and construction of safe and essential establishments.

Growing Change

We support programs that are increasing food security in communities around the world. Most of our community partners don’t need us to teach them how to grow; they’ve been farming their local crops and animals for years. Our goal instead is to teach the business of farming and advanced techniques that make better use of their resources and generate income.

Safe Water

Water is the essential ingredient of life, yet many countries do not have a reliable supply. Studies have shown that much of the drinking water in developing countries is dirtier than the water we find in our toilets. This lack of safe water leads to dehydration and fatal diseases. We are committed to supplying safe drinking water to the people we serve, where it is most needed.

Access to Education

Education is a powerful force for change that empowers children and adults to rise above poverty and oppression. Without a quality education, people get trapped in a cycle of menial work, crime, human trafficking and other forms of injustice. In many developing countries, the government provides very little education, and usually at a high cost, making it inaccessible to millions. Education based programs are our number one priority.

Health & Medical

Healthcare in developing countries is in a state of crisis, with people of all ages suffering from preventable illnesses and diseases. We support programs that focus on building the capacity of local medical infrastructure by sponsoring, training, and mentoring local nurses and doctors; building and equipping clinics and hospitals when necessary; and providing affordable medication to people who need it.


Millions of children around the world are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation, bonded labour, and forced labour. We support programs that intend to end trafficking once and for all, and work to give the children that have been subjected to trafficking social support and a chance at a different future.

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