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Doblogonno Community School Computer Lab Project

The Problem

The community’s future and wellbeing is highly dependent on the education of its children. International Needs’ Doblogonno Community School has been a beacon of hope in the region. Ghana’s Educational Curriculum promotes and assesses children’s literacy but the lack of computers for practice has resulted in poor performance in this subject area. As technology progresses, it is imperative that the students at the Doblogonno Community School learn computer skills. There is an overwhelming interest in information technology, which is a highly employable but competitive field.

The Project

The Doblogonno Community School Computer Lab Project is seeking to purchase 20 computers for their lab and all the necessary accessories and equipment. The use of technology in schools can greatly enhance students learning. There are many tools online that provide students with more skill-building knowledge than ever before.

The total cost of the Project is $26,000

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Your gift will help provide even the youngest students with basic skills such as typing, research, and graphic design.
  • These skills help prepare students for better job opportunities.
  • Computer skills allow students to learn new ways of thinking, using both their creative and logical thought processes.
  • A good education equips young people with the skills they need to find jobs and help advance their country’s economy.

Ernest grew up in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. His father worked on a government dairy farm. Even though the family was poor, Ernest’s parents knew the value of education and sent him to school. Then the unthinkable happened. Ernest’s father died and the family was left destitute. It was at this time that our partners in Ghana stepped in to help Ernest and his family. They were determined that Ernest would go to school and not to work. Ernest received sponsorship through International Needs and knew that someone in Canada cared for him. He was able to finish school and go on to obtain a Bachelor of Agriculture at the University of Ghana. He has recently completed his Masters in Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics, and hopes to get his PHD in Rural Development.

“No matter what the future holds for me, I will be serving God in Ghana. My journey has been amazing. I can’t emphasize enough what International Needs’ support has meant in my life.” - Ernest


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