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Canoe For Kome's Children Project

The Problem

Kome is a poor village in the Central Tongu District of Ghana. The people are fishermen and subsistence farmers who grow maize, pepper, and plantain. The only access to Kome is by water, the Volta River. The children of Kome go to school each day in an old, rickety canoe and paddle across the river with no life jackets. In their zeal to get an education, the children risk their lives twice a day!

The Project

Wanting to reduce the risk of drowning and ensure that Kome’s children have safe access to education, International Needs Ghana would like to support the community with a new and larger canoe and 30 life jackets.

Adequate public transportation to attend local schools and higher education is critical for the development of Kome.

The total cost of the Project is $7,000

“It is critical that the children of Kome can travel safely to and from school. The new canoe and life jackets will help give the community peace of mind regarding the safety of their children. Kome’s future depends on the children’s access to education.” • Edmond Vanderpuye, Director

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

Your generous gift will help provide:
  • A new canoe.
  • 30 life jackets.
  • Training for Parent Teacher Association and parents on the use and maintenance of the new canoe and life jackets.
  • Water safety instruction for children and parents.

Noble is 11 years old and in grade 5 at Togbe Memorial School in Kebenu, Ghana. He lives with his parents and 3 siblings in Kome, a village island accessible only by boat. Noble and his fellow students cross the river twice a day to go to school. None of them can swim.

“At first we were just excited to get off the island but now we love learning and making new friends at school. It was facinating to see other children read and write. This was not common in our village but today I can read and write too! I love math, english, citizenship education, science, and technology. I would like to be a Banker when I grow up.” • Noble


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