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Growth at ZACTS OVC Community School

ZACTS OVC Community School in Zambia is buzzing with activity with 452 students from pre-school to grade seven attending classes. The gift of a generator has brought a welcome relief from power outages, and a greater productivity throughout the school. Thanks to the generosity of donors, a satellite dish for internet services was installed giving teachers and students greater access to online services.

“We are so thankful to our partners for these upgrades. They raise the standard of our school and assist us in reaching our educational objectives.” • Jubisha E. Maunga, Principal

One of the happiest moments at ZACTS was to see all 28 pupils in grade 7 graduate and become eligible for grade 8. It was a very proud moment for the school as they work hard to produce outstanding students.

Through a financial gift from Anthony, Zeifa’s family was able to purchase 2 pigs, a male and a female. They received training on how to raise pigs and built a shelter and a storage house for them. They also agreed that when the pigs had their first litter, a male and female piglet would be given to another family in the village, and so pass on the blessing.

“The idea of having a grade 8 class at ZACTS is an issue that we have been considering. Students who have qualified for grade 8 are many but secondary schools are few. Only six of our graduating students have been given acceptance letters. The remaining students will have to go to a school that does not hold our high educational standards. We would prefer to keep our students here at ZACTS.” • Principal

The school’s farming program continues to supply food for their kitchen and funds to help cover ZACTS’ operational costs. Nearly one hundred 50kg bags of maize was harvested and half a hectare of cabbages and ground nuts. The poultry farm also helps to supplement the children’s nutritional needs and provides a steady income for the school. ZACTS is located in a poor farming community and many of the children don’t have enough food to eat at home. The meals provided at school meet a real need in the community. Just as the damaging effects of malnutrition can pass from one generation to the next, so can the benefits of good nutrition.

ZACTS Mission Statement states that they strive to develop children holistically for the service of God and society. Thank you for supporting them in their pursuit of excellence, and for impacting the next generation of young Zambians.

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