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A Very Present Help in Times of Trouble

My name is Jane and I live in Limuru, Kenya with my family. My mother, who suffered with mental illness for 14 years, left us to live on the streets. My father, a casual labourer, was unable to care for us on his own so he took my younger sister and I to live with our elderly grandmother. My father continued to meet with his pastor and pray for our needs. Pastor Ngugi suggested that he visit International Needs’ Lighthouse Program in Limuru to see if they could help.

Then a miracle happened. I was sponsored! I used to wear patched up school uniforms and would be sent home because I didn’t have the books I needed to learn but my sponsor’s support provided me with a new uniform, shoes, a school bag, and all the books I needed for the year! Now I can concentrate on my studies. My family also received a food package in December and we were excited to celebrate Christmas with a special meal. My father had been unemployed for three months so the food package was a great blessing to us.

Before I came to the Lighthouse program, I used to ask myself, “why do we suffer so much and other families seem to have everything they need?” I often asked God this question. The first time I came to Lighthouse for fellowship and counselling, I met many other children, including girls my age. Over time we became friends and I came to realize that they, too, had gone through problems and difficulties, but God has his way of caring for us and meeting our needs. Our pastors and motivational speakers greatly encouraged me and I realized that my sister and I have a bright future when we trust in God.

Now I work hard studying to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. I want to help people in my community and maybe I will be able to find my mother and help her too. Thank you for your prayers and your support. God bless you!

Ninety-four children are in the sponsorship program in Limuru and are receiving the support they need to be successful in the classroom and in the future of their choice.

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