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Lydia Vocational Training Centre

Many rural women in Nepal live in extreme poverty, without any means of improving conditions for themselves and their families. Yet more women are heading households and carrying the burden of providing for their families, with little or no training.

International Needs has been active in Nepal since 1974 with a focus on the wellbeing of women. The Lydia Vocational Training Centre has ministered to thousands of women over the years. The Centre teaches literacy, sewing, and other practical skills so that women can better provide for themselves and their families. Special classes are given on preventing domestic abuse, health care, music, how to improve sanitation in the home, and providing nutritious food for their children. One of the most innovative elements of the Lydia Centre is that each graduate commits to sharing her knowledge and the love of Christ with at least five other women, multiplying the impact of the Centre.

“Some of our graduates have been able to provide for their families by setting up tailoring shops. Others successfully run training sessions in their communities. Still others use their musical skills in the church, and some make use of their newly acquired cooking skills by running canteens and bakery shops. Some of our students were able to pursue higher education. We are very pleased that several of our graduates have extended a helping hand here at the Centre.” • Kalpana Tamang, Coordinator

“I hated producing alcohol but felt my children and I would starve if I stopped. Then Ms Thapa from International Needs encouraged me to go for vocational training at the Lydia Centre. I was very happy to leave the alcohol business behind. My husband’s family is caring for my children while I complete the training at the Lydia Centre. I have learned so much here. It was the best decision for me. Once I graduate, I plan to run a tailoring shop to support myself and my children. I’m so thankful to God and to everyone who assisted me.” • Buddhi

Buddhi Maya is a single mother with 3 young children. When her husband passed away, Buddhi felt that she had no other choice but to continue producing alcohol, the family business that killed her husband.

The staff at the Lydia Centre is praying fervently for additional support with the on-going running costs of the Centre. Soaring prices on food and other commodities have stretched their resources to a critical point.

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