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From Dedicated Student to Dedicated Nurse

When Maria was nine years old, she walked through the front door of International Needs’ Rose of Sharon School in La Playa, Colombia. She was entering third grade at a new school and felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Thankfully, Maria was able to make new friends and quickly became a bright star at the school. From her first day until her graduation, Maria stood out as a strong leader who was dedicated, loyal, and full of joy. After graduation, she went on to study nursing at a technical institute in Barranquilla. No one was surprised when Maria became one of the top students in her nursing class.

Recently, Maria had the opportunity to give back to the school community who had embraced her as a child. She was able to assist a medical team during a week-long medical clinic in the La Playa area and provide medical care to more than 400 people who simply could not afford it.

“I felt so much joy deep in my heart that I was able to give back to a community that gave me so much, and bless them in this way.” • Maria •

Donate Here to the Rose of Sharon School in Colombia

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