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Committed To Excellence

The Rose of Sharon School graduates received high scores from the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education. This will provide the students with greater opportunities to study in public or private universities. A full scholarship was awarded to Andres Zambrano, making him the only high school student in all of La Playa to receive this honour.

Andres is a young man who worked hard to achieve his goals. During his time as a student at the Rose of Sharon School, he stood out for his friendliness and for his academic performance. His hobbies are reading and research and he aspires to become a public accountant. The scholarship he received will enable him to begin his studies at Colombia’s North University, one of the most prestigious private universities in Barranquilla. His family is very proud of him and grateful to the Rose of Sharon School and his sponsors for the support and guidance they gave Andres throughout his education. Most importantly, the family is thankful to God for answering their prayers.

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