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Transforming Lives, Changing Communities

Changing Neighbourhoods and Cultures One Parent at a Time…

One woman’s journey from “Mommie Dearest” to “Mother Dear”

“I am Teopistar Najjingo, and I am grateful to International Needs Uganda for the blessings you have brought to my life and to the lives of my children. I would like to thank you for the talks you give to us, as parents, on parenting. A few months ago I reached a turning point in my life at a parent’s meeting that International Needs had organized.

As I listened, I realized that I was not doing well as a parent. Looking back, I had always been “tough” on my children. I thought that the only way to discipline my children was by spanking them. However, they were becoming more rebellious. I noticed that they had distanced themselves from me. I was becoming more frustrated and I did not know what to do.

As I reflected on the parenting session I realized that I had caused the problem. It became clear to me that often when parents are too tough on our children they stay away from us and confide too much in people outside the family. The parenting session encouraged me to create friendships with my children. You suggested interesting new ways to “talk to my children”—engage in meaningful two-way conversations with them and how to help them change their attitudes and improve their behavior with love.

I committed myself to putting the strategies I had learned at the parenting session in to practice, and since then I have noticed definite improvements in my relationship with my children. They share their ideas and secrets with me. I feel a level of connection that was not there before. I feel loved. I do not have to ask them to do housework. They do it willingly and even better.

Nowadays, I devote time to playing with my children. This has reflected a positive image to my neighbors who now admire the way I treat my children and are beginning to come to me for advice. Once again, I would like to express my deepest thanks for the parenting sessions and for the International Needs team."

Teopistar Najjingo and her son at the market.

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