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Job Kafeero: Business Mogul in the Making

A Mother’s Business Savvy Makes the Most of a Sponsorship Opportunity

When Job Kafeero began receiving sponsorship support as a student Makonge Primary Secondary School in 2009, it marked a turning point in his life, and sent ripples of success to his family and the larger community.

Job’s mother had been struggling to run a small lakeside restaurant. With her son newly sponsored she was able to save enough money from the restaurant to purchase a small weighing scale. This, new capacity to weigh and measure allowed her to expand her restaurant operation to include selling goods in a shop.

As sponsorship support continued, Job and his mother bought a cow and sold enough milk to allow the family to purchase a small plot of land. The family sold the mother cow as soon as its calf was old enough and started construction on a new building to house the restaurant and shop. The family business expanded as Job’s mother began selling fish, looking after the cow, running the restaurant and selling in the shop.

Job’s life has changed dramatically since 2009. From wisely investing Job’s annual Christmas gifts from his sponsor, Job’s mother can now afford to meet the family’s needs. She continues to plan new investments as her business grows. “I wish Job’s sponsors could come to Uganda and see how far they have brought us,” Job’s mother says. “Indeed they are reason for my success and happiness.”

Job's family home before sponsorship.

Job's family home after sponsorship.

Job's mother attending to the shop.

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