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A Great Way To Give Back

Laura Lane is the Chief Financial Officer at Maljohn Company Ltd, a plastic manufacturing company in Hannon, Ontario. In 2014, Laura attended a workshop in Toronto hosted by Jerry Roberts, a long-time supporter of International Needs. During the workshop Jerry shared some of his experiences visiting the Rose of Sharon School in Barranquilla, Colombia. Laura was impressed by his presentation of the school and when Jerry challenged them to consider sponsoring a child, he added that his company would match the number of children they sponsored.

Laura shares, “I knew that my company, Maljohn, could afford to sponsor 3 children and that Jerry’s company would match that number, so I signed up. I was excited to sponsor 3 girls at the Rose of Sharon School because I felt that girls in today’s world need all the extra help they can get. I love receiving their letters and updates. The original 3 girls, Marisela, Natalie, and Gisella have grown up and moved on and we now sponsor three new children; Andrea, Maria, and a boy named Ivan. I have a board in my office above my desk with all their photos. I think of them often and have enjoyed replying to their letters. I keep a file of everything they have sent me over the years.”

Thank you Laura for putting your compassion into action. Your support of these children will open many doors for them and greatly impact their futures.

Click here to sponsor a child today!

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