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Graduation at Lydia Vocational
Training Centre

June 23, 2017

Twenty very excited young Nepali women graduated from the Lydia Vocational Training Centre. The graduation was attended by many guests and was a time of real celebration. Rokaya, one of the graduates shared, “I am so happy to have fulfilled my dream. Now I hope to open a small tailoring shop. Thank you so much for the sewing machine. I am grateful to all our sponsors for supporting us and changing the course of our lives.”

Amanda's Legacy

May 18, 2017

Sharon and John Kelsall walk in their late daughter’s footsteps and travel to Ghana to visit their sponsored child. [...]

$50 By Fifty a Success!

December 21, 2016

Our hats are off to Pat McDonald, Angela Vandenbroek, Michelle Robart, Pauline Van Roessel, Clary Fox, Michaeleen Moline, and Darcelle Visser whose selfless dedication raised $50,000 for orphans and vulnerable children at ZACTS OVC School. The school’s Growing Change Poultry Project is thriving. Well done ladies! We pray that many will follow your example and find creative ways to help bring lasting change to communities in need around the world. [...]

Springs of Living Water

John's Prayers Answered

September 2, 2015

John, a 10-year-old child orphan at ZACTS School in Zambia, was probably more thrilled than most of his classmates, this August, to see water coming from a newly installed tap at school. His life became much easier. [...]

Relief for Nepal Update

Graduates of Lydia Vocational Training Centre take up the Challenge to Help Rebuild their Communities

July 2, 2015

Despite the disruption of classes caused by two earthquakes and countless aftershocks in Nepal this spring, graduation ceremonies for the 35th graduating class of students from the Lydia Vocational Training were held on June 14, 2015. [...]

Relief for Nepal Update

A Nervous Tension Hangs in the Air

June 3, 2015

The quaking of the earth stops after a minute or two but the fear in people’s hearts and mental anxiety to find safe and secure living conditions lingers still [...]

Relief for Nepal Update

International Needs Nepal Delivery Trucks Overturn in Two Road Accidents

May 29, 2015

Road conditions are a major obstacle to relief delivery. We request your prayers and your continued generosity as we manage these and many other obstacles on the road to recovery  [...]

Relief for Nepal Update

Status of Nepalese Children Sponsored by International Needs Canada

May 22, 2015

Despite the chaos, electronic communication and transportation challenges resulting from the recent earthquakes and aftershocks in Nepal, International Needs Nepal has been working diligently to verify the status of children sponsored by donors around the world.  [...]

Child Sponsorship Success Story

Canadian Sponsors in Action

May 22, 2015

Through the achievements of students like Susan Nankya, International Needs Uganda celebrates the contributions of Canadian sponsors to their efforts to transform lives and change communities over the last 20 years  [...]

Relief for Nepal Update

Earthquake Survival Experiences of Sponsored Children

May 15, 2015

While donors who contribute to our child sponsorship program can rest assured that, so far, none of the children they faithfully support each month are known to have been were physically harmed in the recent earthquakes and aftershocks, several of them experienced the loss of their homes and are struggling for security in the aftermath of the catastrophe  [...]

Relief for Nepal Update

Second Earthquake and Multiple Aftershocks Shaking Hearts

May 13, 2015

As more buildings collapse, people avoid the indoors. Landslides cause roadblocks…
A climate of panic and fear has gripped Nepal in the wake of the second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 that has rocked the country in less than three weeks. [...]

Relief for Nepal Update

Delivering Relief to Tippeni and Surrounding Villages

May 11, 2015

The Executive Director of International Needs Nepal, Esther Thapa, says distributing relief supplies effectively, like medical triage, requires common sense, co-ordination and human kindness…
After her relief mission to Lamasagu, Esther says she received a flood of requests for assistance. But none touched her heart like one she received from a journalist in Sindupalchok. A man he knew in Tippeni village contacted him begging for  [...]

Relief for Nepal Update

International Needs Nepal Delivers Aid for Relief and Recovery to Lamasagu Village, Sindhupalchok

May 7, 2015

Video and Photographs of International Needs relief activities worth a thousand words…
Four days after returning from her reconnaissance mission to Lamasagu Village by motorcycle, Esther Thapa, Executive Director of International Needs Nepal returned in a truck to meet the most urgent needs [...]

Relief for Nepal Update

International Needs First Responders Bring Food, Shelter and Hope to Remote Communities

May 5, 2015

Days after the tragedy, Esther Thapa, Executive Director of International Needs Nepal and Lydia Vocational Training Centre, decided to verify conflicting accounts of the tragedy, and became the first relief worker to witness the devastation in some remote communities hardest hit by the quake [...]

Relief for Nepal Update

International Needs Canada Invites You to Join our Response

April 29, 2015

Feed and Shelter our Children, Women, and Families in Hard-Hit Communities…
In the wake of one of the worst natural disasters in living memory, International Needs Canada urges you to give whole-heartedly and generously: help us bring immediately needed relief to the hundreds of sponsored children and women in our care who are directly affected by the disaster. [...]

Shelter in the Time of Storm

A House for Mr. Musisi

February, 2015

Mr. Musisi thanked God for mercy and compassion when his life was spared after a car accident that crippled him. He was rushed to Mulago Hospital for treatment, but had no money to pay for the regiment of treatment the doctors had prescribed. [...]

Job Kafeero: Business Mogul in the Making

A Mother’s Business Savvy Makes the Most of a Sponsorship Opportunity

February, 2015

When Job Kafeero began receiving sponsorship support as a student Makonge Primary Secondary School in 2009, it marked a turning point in his life, and sent ripples of success to his family and the larger community. [...]

Transforming Lives, Changing Communities

Changing Neighbourhoods and Cultures One Parent at a Time…

February, 2015

“I am Teopistar Najjingo, and I am grateful to International Needs Uganda for the blessings you have brought to my life and to the lives of my children. I would like to thank you for the talks you give to us, as parents, on parenting. A few months ago I reached a turning point in my life at a parent’s meeting that International Needs had organized. [...]

Water, Water Everywhere and Perfectly Safe To Drink!

Clean Water Infrastructure Project Revitalizes Three Rural Ugandan Communities

November, 2014

International Needs Uganda is pleased to announce that two water wells constructed by funding from International Needs Canada to serve Kokola-Gimbo and Bugoya communities are now fully functional [...]

International Needs Nepal - Executive Director's Cut

In the Field, on the Road, Beyond the Call of Duty…

November, 2014

As I write this report, I thank God for the 33rd batch of Lydia graduates. On Sunday June 29, 22 women graduated from Lydia. Because it is monsoon season, we were worried that rain would ruin graduation ceremonies. But we asked for good weather for just one day and our God who answers prayers blessed us with beautiful sun. [...]

Measuring the Impact of Vocational Training at Lydia

November, 2014

In the spring and summer of 2014 International Needs Nepal (travelling rough, narrow, sloppy and dangerous roadways by bike and hired scooters) conducted a study to get a snapshot of the impact that training at Lydia had made in the lives of its graduates. [...]

Child Sponsorship Success Story

Orphan, Fisherman, Cook, Student, Graduate, Teacher

November, 2014

I dropped out of school at 12 years old because my guardian could no longer afford to pay my fees. My father had died when I was much younger; he and my mother had divorced. The only option I had left was to go fishing like other parentless boys in my village.  [...]

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